COVID-19 - Prevention

The COVID-19 pandemic has to a great extent affected all corners of the world. Different countries in Europe, Asia, the Americas and other continents have experienced the worst of its effects recording several infections daily.


Fortunately, the pandemic’s effect has not been as much here in Kenya but regardless, we have been keen on adopting a series of precautionary measures for our valued guests to curb the virus’ spread.


Our staff, from the cleaners to the gardeners and caretakers have been periodically subjected to testing to ensure they are not infected. We have also been incorporating the use of personal protection systems in the resort’s daily operations and maintenance. We disinfect all the apartments and do the laundry daily with the highest quality products.


Aside from that, we take all our clients’ body temperatures daily. In cases where they’ve undergone the COVID-19 testing in their countries of origin, we request for a photocopy of their COVID-19 test results.


Fortunately, there are no recorded cases in Diani and life continues quietly. The situation in Kenya has been under control right from the start. This explains the fewer infections and an even smaller number of deaths which are mainly from Nairobi and Mombasa.

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